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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  March 10, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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commute with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. well a very early start. not a lot of people on the roadways so we don't have major problems or incidents or accidents. however, when you head out, you are going to find rain soaked roads. possibly pooling and ponding and standing water on the area roadways. looking live at 95 at white marsh boulevard, southbound lanes no major problems heading towards the beltway. no major congestion reported at the tunnels. this is what we are going to see this morning. lots of rain, lots of possibly flooded streets and very slick conditions. so try to keep your speeds down. charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. time 5:00. and new this morning, the heavy rain justin talked about moved across the southern u.s. and made its way into our region which could mean flooding in several areas. linda so is live this morning out in the elements in mount washington. linda, what are you seeing so far this morning? >> reporter: well, so far no flooding. things don't look too bad at
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the jones falls in mount washington. we came out here because this area is prone to flooding. in 2004, they dealt with a really bad storm. lots of rain flooded cars and damaged the stores here at mount washington mill. you've got whole foods and starbucks and other stores. but today, so far, it's not badch the rain has been coming down steady overnight. but this morning, so far, no problems with flooding. you know, our area has not gotten as bad as other states pounded by the storm. and chattanooga tennessee homes are flooded and creeks are swollen as people try to deal with the mess. here in our area, we could see flooding later in the day in lowlying areas. here's somethings -- low lying areas. here's somethings you can do. make sure storm drains are clear. no trash or other debris clogging them up. if a storm drain is backed up and you can't clear it, call 3 heaven if you live in the city. and try not to park on storm drains because your tires can
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block watter from getting down. back out here live, by the jones falls near the kelly avenue bridge from mount washington, you can see the rain is coming down steady. so far, no flooding. just keep in mind, take it slowly this morning if you have to head to work. give yourself extra time. there could be standing water and ponding in areas. things will be slick. so take it easy today. give yourself extra time if you have to head out. live in mount washington, linda so, abc2 news. >> stay dry. for those of you at home, pack the umbrella. you know, we will keep-eye on the sus kahanea port deposit is prone toed. >>ing and sometimes the dam can't hold up. they are not -- sus kahanea. port deposit is probed to flooding. and sometimes the dam can't hold eye up. they are randy for anything short of a tidal wave. a lot people are on stand by for an event they hope doesn't
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happen. >> it takes a lot of gates to be open and there's a huge notification system that starts early in all this. the susquehanna is a 440 mile river. it's coming from new york and those basins are catching the water. with rain on top of it, you have a lot of water coming into the area. being a town between a cliff and a river, you know, it's going to come through the area. >> erica says since this's no snow and ice and there's been a lot of wind to allow things to dry out making it easier to keep the drains clear allowing overflow of that water to come through the town and not stand, stay and flood. but of course, it depends on how much rain we get. remember, you can continue to track the weather down to your neighborhood using our interactive radar map, sign up to receive severe weather alerts for your specific area. overcrowding in baltimore county schools has that county executive proposing reorganization to balance out
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the numbers. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live to explain. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at stoneleigh elementary school war number of parents are not happy this morning -- school, where a number of parents are not happy this morning. they are concerned about a proposal on the table. kevin camenets is proposing an idea to move 4th and 5th grade students to another school. stoneleigh was designed for less students and it is now 25% overcapacity. the county executive asked the school system to see if it's possible to move 4th and 5th grade stewed toapts middle school. parents are -- students to the middle school. parents are pushing for an addition to the school. >> i know the principal and teach verse been incredibly create-- teachers have been
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incredibly creative, i don't think they should have to jump through hoops to make this happen for the children. >> reporter: the baltimore county school board will actually have to study this plan and, you know, they are trying to see if they can have it in place by july 1st. coming up, we will hear more on what baltimore county executive has to say about the issue. reporting live in stoneleigh, sherrie johnson. >> a measure allowing children of illegal immigrants to pay in- state tuition rates moved forward. it would require children of illegal imto -- immigrants to receive a associates degree to get the rate. and coming up tomorrow, the house of delegates is expected to take a final vote on a measure giving same sex couples full marriage rights. house members discuss making amendments but they will lock up the version passed by the senate. >> this will undoubtedly be one of the most important votes we take as legislative body. >> when i walked over here on
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the floor today, there were a group of protesters that were screaming really obnoxious things to me personally. calling me out by name, and i was able to shower them with love. >> maryland governor o'malley said he will sign the bill if it makes its way to his des glk time 5:05. a rain is loudly voice-- desk. time 505, a rain is loudly -- raven is loudly voicing his opinion. >> america is the land of the free and we must have the ability to marchy whom we love regardless of gender. think about it. enjoying the land of the brave for standing on the side of love. thank you. >> he appeared on the youtube video for the organization stand on the side of love. in the video e. says he is proud to be a part of something that -- he says he is proud to be part of something that brings all marylanders together. archbishop edwin o'brien is
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asking catholics to fast and pray to affirm traditional marriage on march 18th. time 5:06. it's one of the biggest consumer complaints filed these days. identity theft. coming up, the federal government has tepees to keep you safe from those -- tips to keep you safe from the would be id thieves. and flood something a big concern across the u.s. and a new video has the storms and the potential for the flooding. you are watching "good morning maryland" on this thursday, march 10th.
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mr. clean magic eraser kitchen scrubber... welcome back. it's not just us. the wet weather is hammering the washington metro area. those living in alexandria, virginia, are gearing up for possible flooding. workers handed out sandbags. nearly two inches of rain is expected to fall by tonight. it comes on top of water left from a weekend storm. that forecast says it could swell streams beyond capacity. justin. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate.
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>> washington, frederick county in maryland under a flood warning. york county in pa also under a flood warning. i think those warnings are just going to be more numerous and widespread as the rain dumps rain. the heaviest area we talked about harford cecil county getting the hit. they are. churchville, the harford technical high school .77 3/4 of an inch of rain. this is manchester at .59 and half oop inch in sykesville at peeny ridge elementary. check it out. the orange shadeings and the deeper orange shadeings showing the heaviest of the rain passing between the 50 and 97 split. and also southeast baltimore county towards sparrows point and essex and dundalk up white marsh and towards kingsville. heavy rain in harford county continuing on top what have we have. gusty wind as well.
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temperatures mid-50s and the flooding issues get -- issues get worse with heavy warms and storms this afternoon and tonight. here kim. >> reporter: as we keep an eye on the roadways, we are looking through soggy cameras. 695 at liberty road, traffic is moving very well on both loops of the beltway. no reported incidents, accident or problems. however, the roads are very slick. you could encounter standing, ponding or pooling water. so the chance for hydro he planing is elevated this morning. going to the maps, we have reports of a disabled vehicle a pickup truck in a ditch. this is going to be in long green pike at williams road. traffic light not work at northern parkway and charles street in baltimore city. that could cause delays. now back to you. the federal trade commission says identity theft is the top consumer complaint in the u.s. some tips this morning to help you avoid becoming a victim. first, don't carry your social security card in your wallet. it only -- only give it to others when necessary.
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shred documents you don't need rather than simply tossing them in the trash. and when you are on a social networking site, don't friend people you don't know. and limit the amount of information that is made available for everyone to see. an autistic student is in trouble in frederick county and his mom is not too happy how the district is handling the matter. what the school officials say he did to earn the suspension and how the mom said the things could have been handled differently. and later, your daily dose of sheen. charlie sheen, the unemployed actor says he would be-- who he said would be cool with filling his shoes on the hit comedy. it's 5:13. good morning, maryland. [ female announcer ] we asked coffee lovers
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welcome back on this thursday march 10th. the story generating a lot of thought. in frederick county a.12-year- old autistic son has been suspend and could be facing krill nall charges. cameron merse was diagnosed with autism when he he was three according to his parents. the middle school -- at
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thurmont middle school he acted out in class and landed in a guidance counselor's office where he hit the vice principal. his mom doesn't doubt he did itbut says she is answeringry how they are -- angry about how they are handling the situation. >> he is upset so i am sure he actually hit him. but, he wasn't trained. you don't -- you shouldn't put yourself in situation where you are not trained. and that's the thing with the school system. there's not muffed trained people working with the kid with autism -- not enough trained people working with the kids with autism. >> the school has no tolerance policy and wants to press charges and now the frederick county sheriff office will refer him to the department of juvenile just noyes we apply the same disciplinary guidelines to the special education students as we do to our so-called mainstream students. >> in addition to the one day suspension, cameron could face one count of disrupting school activities and the separate count of battery. we asked for your thoughts
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on this matter on the facebook fan page. you think he deserves special treatment because of his autism. ronda says every child in the u.s. is entighteled to a public education. that means making provisions -- entitled -- you think. she thinks he deers is of-- do you think he deserves special treatment because of his autism? ronda says every child in the u.s. is entitled to a public education. that means making provisions for special children. justin. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most being a ret by weatherate. good morning at 5:18. it's a west morning. we spent all week talking about this. trying to prepare everyone and it locked like rain on the radar yesterday and we got a little bit of a break for a -- looked like rain on the radar yesterday, and we got a little
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break on the radar, it's here now. 48 in baltimore. and we are watching a large slug of moisture moving up south and north. temperatures pushing 50. dulles, winchester and charlotte will hit the 50s today. a warmer day than yesterday. but look at this moisture filling in. see the expanse of the yellow and orange and red shadeings. that's the color coding from the heaviest of the rain. and you can see it east of baltimore. while bwi itself may be in moderate rain, and that will be our official gauge, we have got our local weather stations plotting 3/4 of an inch of rain in harford county. you will go over an inch of rain in many spots before six this morning. we are looking at heavy rain through cecil county and we have all the stuff in central pa rolling down the susquehanna. a east wind piling up on the bay. diminishing the low tide from flowing out and each high tide will be higher. and we are watching the heavy rainfall on top us. some computer models indicated we may pull back. most of us in the two to three
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inch range, does it matter it's too much to heanld. and we are watching the -- handle. and we are watching the initial lows. we are watching a trailing frontal bondry. an upper piece of energy is spinning back here which will eject itself and feed into the system. a secondary low will feed here that enhas hanss the moist -- enhances the moisture here. it could be similar to what we had the january day where we had the snow in the morning and freezing rain and the thund he he snow in the evening. we won't -- thunder snow in the evening. we will not have snow but it will enhance the system with rainfall. we may get first morning slug out of here in a few showers of light rain or dry hours, and then it's going to get worse. highlighting locally, as we watch the slug of heavy moisture from dc rolling through anne arundel county, we will see ponding on the roads and the moisture roll up 97 around the beltway and up into harford and cecil county. flood watch for all of us today with heavy rain gusty winds.
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and up to 56 miles per hour. we are check out the extended outlook beyond this storm in a few minutes. here kim with traffic. >> reporter: drivers will feeled winds. they could -- feel the winds. they could see the fog. and the rainy rain soaked roads are not helping matters. we don't have too much in the way of problems. looking live at 95, on top of the fort mchenry tunnel, minor congestion. starting at about keith avenue, but that clears out quickly. no issues at the harbor tunnel. a single vehicle disabled vehicle involving a pickup truck into a ditch in hydes at long green pike and williams road. and the traffic lights not working at northern parkway and north charles street causing minor delays through baltimore city. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. 5:21. entertainment news this morning. lindsay lohan has a court appearance. a source close to the actress says she will not accept a plea deal including guaranteed jail
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time. lohan is accused of stealing a 2500 dollar necklace from a jewelry store in venice, california. she denies that allegation. charlie sheen was fired from "two and a half men" but has possible replacements in mind. he told a radio dj yesterday he supports john stamos or rob lowe in take over the role on the cbs hit comedy. filled up on the way to abc2 this morning? i did. wow. if you are doing the same this morning, hold onto your hats. gas is getting high. how high you may ask? it could be going higher as we get further into the weeks and months ahead. and what they are giving up for lent, you know, sodas, coffee, maybe swearing. coming up next, what some folks are giving up that may surprise you. as we go off to a break a. look at little falls, new jersey where there's major flooding concerns on this thursday morning. we are back in a bit. [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays.
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♪ achievement: loves working capital. ♪ achievement: puts receivables to work. ♪ achievement: expects a lot of itself. cfo: cash flow options, helping business achievers better manage their cash flow. pnc. for the achiever in us all. and welcome back. it's 5:25. we are feeling the pain at the
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pump and aaa says the average price for a regular gallon of unleaded gas in the baltimore area is right around 3.49 a gallon. according to published reports, a university of maryland professor says high gas prices could mean about 600,000 fewer jobs so stay posted on that area as well. and we are working to help you save money at abc2 news. go to and you can find the lowest gas prices in your neighborhood, plus, we have 10 fuel saving tips for you. click on the track page at our home page. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 5:26. yesterday you got the hint that harford cecil county may be the hardest hit because of the water and the bull's eye of heavy rain. perryville in the middle of your screen. i want to say good morning to perryville town administrator who is following me on facebook. i think that's pretty cool. hopefully, we don't have too much bad news for you.
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but we are watching on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, havre de grace, port deposit, look at the heavy rain from the south. the orange shading south up 95 is going to be a mess and we have a day and maybe into tomorrow morning to deal with it. so look out for the flooding. all of us. of some sort, the heavy rain coming down the swollen rivers coming up. the tides staying in on the west side of the bay. 56 today, gusty wind. and already fog this morning. and while we may have a few hours of a lull, it is going to pick up in intensity later on and thunder possible this evening and tonight. showers could linger tomorrow morning turning windy. 52. we have a mild day set up for saturday with sunshine and 60. mid-50s on sunday. and try oh try to stay dry into early next week. back to you. for christians, this is a period of reflection as well as sacrificing. but can -- sacrifice. but the decision about what to give up has taken a new turn. heard of a facebook fast? a man says he spends three
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hours a day on the social networking site and says his girlfriend among others is ecstatic about him focusing less on the viral connection. >> i want to see my friends like actually in person. i want to keep in touch with people that really matter to me. >> now what he is saying is he is deactivateed his account, but has not deleted it. so good chance after 40 days of fasting, he will head back. the founder of craigslist launches a new website and peggy bunker has the story and more in this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, ael releases the latest version of the software that powers the iphone, ipad and ipod touch. it comes a couple days ahead of schedule and brings new features to the devices. this includes includes a speedier web browser and makes it easier to share the itunes library around the home. sink your -- you can get it by sync being your device with itunes. and microsoft says the motion
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sensing controller has now sold 10 million units. according to the generous book of world records that makes kinect the fastest selling consumer electronics device ever. and the founder of craigslist launched a new website which is a far cry from the classifieds that made him famous. mission is to bring attention to nonprofit organizations and provide a place for them to work together to make a difference. those are your tech bites, i am peggy bunker.


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